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Warrant Search.

Active Warrants

People with active warrants in Wirt County

Aaron Anthony Edison


Crime: Capias (Wirt County Family Court)

Warrant # 07-D-11


Eary James Adkins

DOB: 08-11-77

Crime: Domestic Battery

Warrant #: 16-M53M-00050

Daniel Shane Martin

DOB: 12-14-94

Crime: Capias Wirt  (Order to Revoke Probation)

Warrant #: 14-F-8

Jeremy Wayne Jones

DOB: 01-18-1980

Crime:  Capias (Wirt)  Prohibited Possession of Firearm


Warrant # 15-F-4



Harold Gene Gibson, III

DOB: 07-03-1975

Crime:  Capias (Wirt)  Failure to Pay Child Support

Warrant # 15-F-7

Andrew Ryan Scott

DOB: 06-27-83

Crime: Capias (Wirt)  1) Domestic Battery 2) Destruction of Property

Warrant # 15-M53M-00149


Allen M. Lott


Crime:   Capias (Wood County Family Court)

Warrant # 09-D-485

Nancy Forsythe


Crime: Peace Bond

Warrant # 15-M53M-00106

Teresa Lynn Shearer


Crime: Worthless Check

Warrant #: 15-M53W-00035

Robert Lee Franklin, Jr.

D.O.B.:  03-12-92

Crime: Capias (Wirt ) Sexual Assault in 3rd Degree

Warrant # 13-F-16