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Warrant Search.

Active Warrants

People with active warrants in Wirt County

Kelvin Ray Null, Jr.


CRIME: Capias (Wirt) Family Court – Failed to Appear

Warrant #: 10-D-49

Thomas Scott Crockett

DOB: 06-04-73

Crime: Capias  (Wirt)  Drive while revoked -DUI /Failure to Commence Home Incarceration

Warrant #: 14M-197

James Paul Rush


Crime: Capias (Wirt)

Warrant #:  14M-215

Marsha A. Smith


Crime: Worthless Check

Warrant #: 14M-248

Eric Gunner Sciance


Crime:   Capias   –  Bringing Stolen Property into the state.

Warrant # 13F-13


William Bruce Beegle


Crime: Failure to Appear (Wirt)

Warrant # 14m-80

Vickie L. Enoch


CRIME:  Worthless Check (Wood County)

Warrant #: 14M-3260

Jonathan Paul Starcher


Crime:  Capias  (Possession of Controlled Substance with intent to deliver (Marijuana)

Warrant #: 11-F-12

Harold Gene Gibson, III

Parkersburg, WV

DOB: 07-03-75

Crime: Failure to Pay Child Support (Felony)

Warrant# 14-F-45

Matthew Alan Romine

DOB: 12-06-85

CRIME: Capias   “Operating or Attempting to Operate a Clandestine Drug Laboratory”

Warrant: 13-F-8